4-Week Reignite Your Confidence Intensive Program

Investment - £297

If you ever missed out because you lacked courage.

Re-Ignite Your Confidence Intensive is a 4-week group coaching intensive that will help you break down limiting beliefs about yourself, assess your current level of confidence and help you create a lifestyle of self-care and gratitude that sustains your new level of confidence.

This is for you if you lack confidence:
  • Stops you from asking for a pay rise at work
  • Affects your bank balance
  • Stops you from charging the appropriate fees for your work
  • Affects your ability to own your voice and speak your truth
  • Causes you to say Yes when you really mean No
  • Impacts your drive to achieve your goals
  • Means you are always pleasing others to displease yourself
  • Makes you angry at yourself when you allow others to walk all over you
Access Fee - £597

We start on the 5th of May 2021

We work together for 4 weeks on the following things:

  1. Identify your current level of confidence and an area of your life where you lack confidence
  2. Identify and transcend your limiting beliefs
  3. Develop an awareness and connect with your soul
  4. Take Action on your goals
This small group program will consist of:
  • 4 (1- hour) group coaching calls with me
  • Soul-shifting worksheets
  • Detailed and customized homework assignments
  • Private community of like-minded people to bounce ideas off
Ideal Candidates for Re-Ignite Your Confidence Intensive will:
  • Have a desire to CHANGE your self-belief mindset
  • know that God has created you to be complete and your confidence is in Him
  • Need help to get rid of limiting beliefs and flare up the flame of the confidence that is lying dormant in them
Access Fee - £297

Unfit Candidates for Re-Ignite Your Confidence Intensive will be individuals:
  • Who love to complain about their lack of achievements due low level of confidence
  • Who love to focus on the negatives more than the positives in their life
  • Who are unwilling to invest in themselves to achieve the transformation they are seeking

The investment for the program is worth this timeless, evergreen strategies you can immediately employ to burst limiting beliefs, uplevel your confidence and move forward to achieving your goals.

Ready to start your journey?

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