This Transformational 3 Day Confidence Challenge will support you to:

  • Assess your level of confidence
  • Identify which area of life to concentrate on with regards to building your confidence
  • Discover your strengths
  • Validate your positive self-perception
  • Work through your limiting beliefs
  • Take action on your goals

We start on 13th April 2021

Andrea Onadeko, known as the Confidence Queen is your host.  She is the passionate about teaching and supporting women to build their confidence. 

Andrea is the founder of The Exceptional Confidence Club for women who want to stand out from the crowd.  She learned to build her confidence and it attracted the man and life of her dreams. 

Now she has a life and work that she absolutely enjoys. She wants to help women like her do more!

What is your lack of confidence stopping you from doing? This challenge is for you if:

  • Your lack of confidence is stopping you from asking for a pay rise?
  • You say No when you really want to say yes
  • Your lack of confidence is affecting your bank account
  • You feel guilty when you do things that you enjoy
  • Your lack of confidence impacts your drive to achieve your goals
  • Your mind constantly reflect on negativity and things that are not working
  • You are afraid of being involved in a new relationship because the last one rocked your confidence

If you want to fix any of the above then this 3 Day FREE challenge is for you. Low self-confidence is not a life sentence, you can fire up the flame of Your Confidence.

Here is what the confidence journey will look like in our time together

Take charge of your belief

Value Yourself

Confidence requires you to take action

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